Integrated development window manager


There is an integrated development window manager where you can: What if I told you it is actually just a 100 line shell script?


A small correction for the video, I didn't mean my solution is simpler than the plan9 plumber, just that it is easier to setup and use on linux.

Update - The script is now a bit bigger, ~150 lines plus ~25 lines of comments to add 'bookmarking', this new feature is shown below.

How it works

A hotkey in your window manager runs a script (I use windowskey + g), the script then does a simple set of actions. The code is on github.

Optional extra

You can configure xterm to make double click select directories and URL's by adding the following to ~/.Xresources.

XTerm*charClass: 33:48, 37:48, 42:48, 45-47:48, 58:48, 63-64:48, 126:48 

By default it will only select english words with a double click.


I know I am not the first person to do this with x11, though I do wish somebody has shown me this a long time ago, which is why this post is here to show you. I was inspired to set this up by the plan9 operating system's plumber tool (which you should look up) and Russ Cox's tour of acme video.

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